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  • How To Reliably Find A Quality Trade Location Anytime You Want
  • ​​Use Indicators with AI based insights - Simple Buy and Sell Signals and indicator alignment is what you need
  • ​​How To Effortlessly Confirm And Enter Trades With Confidence
  • ​​How To Place Dynamic Stops (To Slash Your Risk)
  • ​​When To Exit Trades For Maximum Profits
  • ​​How To NOT Clutter Your Charts And Trust Just 2-3 Key Indicators
  • ​​How To Test And Develop Your Own Trading Ideas
  • ​​How To Read The Market In Real Time To Earn Consistent Profits
  • ​​Now You Can -- Faster And Easier Than You Ever Imagined.
Master Kim is the Real Deal
October 10, 1991 to present San Jose, California : Kim Mangalindan is a highly regarded trader, author and coach with over 30 years experience trading financial markets.Kim’s success as a trader & coach can be attributed to his unique keep-it-simple trading philosophy. You certainly won’t hear the same old, played-out advice here.If you are an aspiring Futures and Forex trader looking for a genuine education, Kim Mangalindan is for you!
He is also an energetic entrepreneur, savvy investor and philanthropist. In 1991, Kim decided to pour his passion for trading and helping others into a comprehensive Futures, Stocks Option and Forex trading education community.
While enjoying the lifestyle of a trader, investor and entrepreneur, Kim makes sure he is personally available to attend to his students on a daily basis.
He is an extremely passionate person when it comes to trading and life, and this passion carries through in his desire to share knowledge with others.
Being a successful entrepreneur at such a young age has enabled Kim to travel all over the world and learn from some of the best traders across the globe, further influencing his unique perspective on what it to takes become successful in the markets and in life.

Why learn with Master Kim when you can find all the gurus out there? Here's the reason: The so-called gurus and pundits seem to have the best trading strategy/formula/edge. One does not know how to find out if something is real or fake anymore. The more complex systems and theories developed seem to overwhelm us and it is not easy to understand even though they may be legit.

Most of these "experts" flaunt with the FAST CARS, PRIVATE JETS AND YACHT PARTIES, THE STACKS OF MONEY AND THE DESIGNER CLOTHES, THE TRAVEL AND THE LIFESTYLE YOU DREAM ABOUT. Master Kim can guide a committed student to actually earn a great lifestyle over time.

Master Kim opines:
* Best Teachers need to Trade and not just teach. Master Kim trades live at every available opportunity in a day and walks the Walk , not just talk the talk.
* Master Kim trades about 2 hours during the New York opening hours of the stock market every morning, 5 days a week and actually posts the live trade details in the Private Facebook group. Students of Master Kim also get to post their daily trades and get feedback from Master Kim and Other traders. Mutual help is the best way to understand and improve trading skills.
* How come these so-called experts never get their trades verified and lie about the money they make?
* How more content is created that only adds confusion and is not of high quality, much less help others get results?
* How many experts push the stocks onto their audience and artificially push the price up and make money instantly while their followers mostly lose?
* How some experts push low quality penny stocks using boiler room tactics and it is a fact that most experts could be labelled as fraud based on some of the practices they employ
*Many Gurus cannot show what percentage of their students are profitable. Ask them about this and they don't have any good answer. This is the problem of the industry. A lot of experts are more marketers than traders. Most trading courses by this measure are worthless.
Master Kim on the other hand wants to present the data and testimonials to speak for themselves as genuine results are achieved by the followers. because my system is only worth your time if you can see results too. I encourage every person I work with to leave an honest review. If YOU are one of my current students, I encourage you to leave one too. Master Kim invites students to experience his training firsthand and decide if they want to go-ahead on a long-term basis. After you are part of the email list, most so-called experts flood you with offers which don't help you in your trading. You are left with so much content, no clear direction and realistic requirements of the basics of this business. Trading tips are given without much details and by the time you realize you would have spent a lot on training products and getting nowhere in your trading career. It gets to a point of frustration and you may even give up. All the dreams of the exotic life are simply gone, when all you were looking ways to supplement your income to start with or reach a point when you can replace all your income with trading income. Discover below the options you have and choose the best program that suits your needs.
Let's Decide: Keep Struggling Alone Or Get Help To Become A Real... Profitable... Trader?
You’re at the point of decision.
You can either continue down the path of least resistance, the path you have already been traveling, or you can choose the road less traveled.
The path of least resistance will probably result in you getting the same frustrating outcomes you’ve always received.
But if you want something different to happen, if you want to alter the direction of your trading -- you’re going to have to do something different.

Our Speciality

We specialize in The E-Mini S&P 500, it is an electronically-traded futures contract on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange representing one-fifth of the value of the standard S&P 500 futures contract. More details about the E-mini can be found at CME group.
We are currently facing the following realities:
  •  Average American Daily Income: $173
  • ​The Cost of Living has increased over 76% in the last 30 years
  • ​American are working over 40 hours a week
  • The Solution: Our trading courses can solve the income problem for the committed trader

What is S&P 500?

The Standard & Poor's 500 Index - S&P 500 - is an index tracking the 500 largest U.S. publicly traded companies by market value. The S&P 500 is a market value or market capitalization weighted index and one of the most common benchmarks for the broader U.S. equity markets. E-mini S&P Futures offers excellent trading Opportunities to new and experienced traders. The E-mini markets expand your exposure to the U.S. stock markets. 

Does it Work?

The  E-mini S&P 500 futures contract trading is  accessible to more traders. It quickly became a success, and today there are E-mini contracts that cover a variety of indexes, commodities, and currencies. The E-Mini S&P 500, however, remains the most actively traded E-mini contract in the world. With our recommeded stategies and margins offered by most brokerage firms, it is easy for anyone to start trading the E-mini S&P 500 contracts. Several of our students have attained mastery over a period of time learning to trade the E-mini futures contracts.
Disclaimer: Past Performance Does Not Guarantee Future Results 
*Initial Consultation Session with Master Kim to match student eligibility and suitability for the program. Please fill this form Click Here
  •  Benefits Include the following:
  •          1. Personal Mentoring sessions by Master Kim
  •                            2. Trading Strategies that have high probability of success
  • 3. Master the ES-MINI trading in 90 days
  •                               4. Personal attention and practice sessions of 2 hours each, twice a month
  •                              5. Winning trade setup to bring in 2 to 5 points per day in ES-MINI
  •                             6. Live Facebook Group to get mentoring help from successful students
  •                           7. Ability to switch strategies based on market conditions that enables making money in all market conditions
  •        8. Handholding by the Master - a rare opportunity
  • 9. Example of possible profits trading the ES-MINI 
  • Note: Not typical results and not guaranteed. Results are based on individual effort and other factors that contribute to trading success.
Details to follow 

     $1,995 - COMING SOON


    • Technology: AI based indicators that give the exact time to Enter and Exit the trade all in one easy to use software
    • Videos on Demand: 20 Detailed videos with explanation of the 4-step strategy by experts in the game and Masters of the trading the ES Mini Futures. Play as many times as required and achieve mastery!
    • Risk Mitigation and hedging:Takes away the guessing game and increases the profitability over time. Hedging can be achieved by proper position sizes and timing
    • ​Reduce Human Errors: Depend on the technical indicator-based insights built into the software which results in lesser errors in trading
    One time investment is the only commitment expected from the student. Masters of the game are deeply committed to the success of the students and pour out the best possible content in videos and Facebook posts. Indicator Strategy requires paid subscription to the Tradingview software platinum .level

    Disclaimer: Past Performance Does Not Guarantee Future Results
    Note: This product is coming soon



    • Limited Time:  Master has added a free trial for the first 30 days. Regular monthly charges after the first 30 days apply
    • Technology: Buy and Sell indicators displayed on the chart in Trading View - just follow the directions to trade
    • No guessing: Takes away the guessing game and increases the profitability over time
    • Insights: Insights from the pre-built algorithms help in taking better profitable trades
    • Potential: Earn enough to pay tuition in one week and make profit all month long
    • Instruments: ES Mini, Forex, Options 
    A desire to make trading ES-Mini Profitable.
    Indicator Strategy requires paid subscription to the Tradingview software platinum level.

    Disclaimer: Past Performance Does Not Guarantee Future Results


    Millionaire Mentoring by the Master

    Master Kim trains students in any of the following instruments:
    1) Futures
    2) Stocks
    3) Options
    4) Forex
     Commitment: 12 Month Contract required
    2 Hours session with Master Kim to fine tune your trading performance, revise charts and enable you to trade like a professional.
    Requirements to join:Must be teachable and follow a strict trading plan. We use Ninjatrader.com version 7 for trading platform and recommend Ninja Brokerage account.
    • Personalized: Trading 10 commandments, individual attention to details
    • Two sessions 1 on 1: 2 Hours of personal training with Master Kim every month
    • Trading Plan: Personalized Trading Plan Specific to Your Trading Style
    • Master Kim will set the two hour appointment - After 2pm PST on weekdays and NO weekends
    • ​Disclaimer: Past Performance Does Not Guarantee Future Results 
    Risk Disclaimer: All information in any videos on this website or any related membership area provided by mtradingacademy.com is for educational purposes only and is NOT intended to provide financial advice or trading advice. Any statement about profits or income, expressed or implied, DOES NOT represent a guarantee. This is NOT a copy trades video or service. No representation is being made that any information you receive will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed in this video. The past performance or any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results. Past performance does not guarantee future performance results. Thanks to Master Kim and his extraordinary students to make these available for others.


    I purchased Kim’s 4-Step Strategy in January 2022 for $9997 and haven’t looked back. Follow the strategy, enter when the 4 facets line up and my “target filled” ratio has increased significantly! Not only do my 10-tick trades close positively, but I can see where to enter enabling much higher tick closes. Using Trading View in tandem with Ninja Trader 7 has made I huge difference for me. I highly recommend the investment and Mr. Kim Mangalindan!
    Scott Durein SLC, Utah
    Options Testimonial
    I’ve had the chance to use Master Kim’s Option Trading strategies for a few months now and let me say that it has been an incredible experience! It has exceeded my expectations and more.
    Some of you may already know that I’ve been a student of Master Kim for more than a year using his strategies to trade the ES MINI futures. I have found incredible success trading the ES MINI and naturally wanted to explore other trading instruments including options. Like most of you, I was hesitant and had so many misconceptions about trading with options in general. For a long time, I felt that options were too complicated to learn, and the learning curve would frustrate any busy individual looking to learn. I also was told by many that you cannot day trade or scalp with options. Lastly, I incorrectly believed that you needed a large account to trade options. Needless to say, I was incorrect on all of these points.
    Master Kim will surprise you as he breaks down the process into simple steps and key concepts that make learning how to trade with options a breeze. It was the same process he used when teaching how to trade futures using the ES MINI. I was just amazed at how I was able to digest the information and understand the basic fundamentals of options and how they work. In fact, I find trading with options even easier and less stressful than trading with the ES MINI!
    Secondly, I was blown away when he showed me how to scalp using options. Most of my trades are done in an hour or less. I never hold any positions overnight. The average gains per trade would range anywhere from 5 to 35 percent! The beauty is that I can repeat the process and scale my position sizing as needed. With two to three trades using options, I often will make the same or more than I would make trading the ES MINI for over an hour. And usually, I’m taking a dozen trades or more using the ES MINI. Master Kim showed me the power of scalability and the potential gains are even more mind blowing!
    Thirdly, you don’t need a large account to trade with options. While it’s true that you need to have at least $25K in your account to satisfy the Pattern Day Trading rule, you can still make considerable gains taking just one trade every 2-3 days with a smaller account. For example, if you trade with just $1000 and average 5-10 percent gain per trade, you could be making $50 to $100 every 2-3 days.
    If you are on the fence about his options course, my advice is to get off that fence and take the plunge! You will be blown away by the simplicity of the system and the gains that are possible!
    Warm Regards,
    Ko – Westcoast Doc, MD.
    Huntington Beach, CA
    Watch GIO - Trader Interview below:
    Testimony of my Millionaire Mentoring (MM) Futures Program.

    I previously wrote my first impression at the start of the MM program and now that I have completed the program with Mr. Kim, I must say, it was TOP NOTCH. The program itself can be for any level of trading experience as he does his best to help each student with their specific needs along the program. This program is for anyone who wants to learn how today trade the futures market, specifically the ES-mini S&P-500, and do it with high success each day, week, month, and year! This program is NOT for one to get rich quick. This program requires you to have the willingness to learn and put in the time outside of class to practice each strategy that is provided during the MM session. As for the structure of the program, you will be taught many different strategies, which will be divided throughout your sessions. Some of the things that you will be taught you will most likely not find anywhere else from any other programs. I always looked forward to each session and I left feeling excited and pumped up. Mr. Kim is a straight shooter, and he GENUINELY cares about his students. He will do what he can to help you. If you are interested in this, I highly suggest you talk to Mr. Kim first to see if it would be a good fit for you.

    I trust and believe in Mr Kim's trading system so much that upon completing the MM program, I plan on furthering my education with Mr. Kim in options trading.

    This program has been a huge blessing for my life. Thank you Mr. Kim for your mentoring and guidance. I am honored and humbled to be your student.

    With the Utmost Respect,
    Chuong Le, PHD

    I have gained over $60,000 after two weeks of real money options trading. Master Kim’s strategy is TRULY AMAZING and effective. It is getting better.
    I just had a new options session with Master Kim yesterday, June 20, 2021. It is an additional improvement from the existing strategies. It has showed me the best time to enter the trade with additional indicators. I gained over $9,000 this morning due to this enhanced strategy. I have total confidence that this strategy alone can lead to seven figures. Thanks Master Kim.
    I have no PRIOR stock or options trading experience but with guidance from Master Kim, I achieved a good income in a short time. I am extremely confident that I will join the ranks of professional option traders soon.
    Having Master Kim as my mentor is a ONCE-OF-A-LIFETIME opportunity. The rest is up to the students. I believe that the KEY to SUCCESS is:
    1). Believing in yourself and trusting Master Kim.
    2). DO NOT GIVE UP
    3). Anyone CAN DO IT! Follow the rules. Do it right the first time and think about making more money later.
    4). Think of this as a serious matter of business. Therefore, it requires your serious commitment once you master the strategies, it is an ideal way to produce income. It requires no customers, no employees. You can work anywhere in a few hours a day. Your income is at least six figures annually or much more depending on how much money you have.
    5). I have searched for option trading coaches out there but most of them can help students make a small profit compared to Master Kim for a long period of training.

    Warm Regards,
    Ngoc Thach Phan, Sachse, Texas
    I had another amazing session with master Kim. This was my 7th session. I learned Crown Pattern and on 2135 tick chart. This new strategy along with other strategies I already learned seems to be doing the magic for me. This AM I was able to fetch 2 out 4 points using Crown Pattern. As usual Master was very patient and thorough. He insisted that I practice more before I can go live.

    We reviewed all the strategies I learned thus far. He watched me while I practiced the Crown pattern for a while, and he wanted to trade in SIM using all the strategies I learned so far. The amount of learning is immense when trade, while the master is watching.

    He fine-tuned my trading style which by itself will save me from few losing trades.
    If all goes well and I practice enough Master has asked me to go live on July 5th. Anxious, scared, excited, and looking forward to July 5th.

    Prat Mag,
    Freemont, CA
    I began as a member of Kim Mangalindan “Freedom Challenge Facebook Group”, so that I could learn to trade ES Mini futures. However, I soon upgraded to the Millionaire Mentoring program. I am so grateful that I did. Being able to interact personally with Kim is a quantum leap ahead of simply watching instructional videos, even as helpful as Kim’s videos on the Freedom Challenge site are. Kim is a truly knowledgeable, patient instructor and is committed to the success of his students. Kim’s knowledge of the markets is broad and deep, and he has a strong drive to succeed, which he passes on to his students. Although I have tried many other trading programs and instructors, I have never experienced anything like I have experienced in the Millionaire Mentoring program. Kim teaches specific rules-based strategies, and has many of them, to lead his students to success. Just as importantly, Kim also assists his students with the mental and psychological challenges presented by trading successfully, and he has a “never quit” attitude. The entire experience has been enlightening for me, and has led to many positive changes in myself, even beyond the trading experience. If you are ready to work hard, to listen to Kim and follow his trading rules, to put in the time studying and practicing, I do not think there is any other place where you can experience so much benefit and gain so much insight into trading ES Mini futures. I feel very fortunate to have been able to learn from Kim, to experience his winning attitude, and most of all, to be able to work forward to successfully trading ES Mini futures. Kim has my highest respect, and my deepest gratitude and appreciation.

    Best regards,
    Bruce Thompson
    Harbor Springs, Michigan
    Graduation Day!!! Just finished my 24 out of 24 session with Kim. If you're still with Kim I recommend reading my top 10 recommendations below to be successful in Millionaire Mentoring.
    If you just started with Kim here are my recommendations:
    1. If you do not understand something, ask Kim. Who cares if he yells at you! You are paying him big bucks so ask questions.
    2. Do not compare yourself with other students in the group. They are on chapter 20 and you are on chapter 1. Do not skip chapters. Some students may try to manipulate their charts to make it seem their successful, but it is all lies. Focus on your own journey.
    3. Study the top traders within the group and ask questions on their posts if you do not understand something. BUT be respectful and do not abuse this access.
    4. You need to practice every single day. The only days off is sick days or emergency. The more screen time you even if you do not know what the hell, you are doing it'll click somehow someday.
    5. There is no magic indicator, there is no magic chart. Focus on your own plate and what tools you have. Do not add or subtract from your charts. Just leave what Kim sets for you.
    6. Trading is more price action and psychology. Kim's strategies are A1 and 100% just as important. But you need to spend more time on your psychology and price action.
    7. Don't spend so much time on market replay. You should be simulation trading more than market replay. This is also a catch 22, do not simulation trade for too long. Your best lessons will come from live trading and real money.
    8. Be patient with yourself to learn the right way. Trading is not a get rich overnight scheme it is a get rich slow scheme.
    9. Have trading rules in place. Take everything you have learned so far and set trading rules using the new lessons you have learned. Do not force yourself to use every strategy. This is a recipe to failure. For example, at the time of writing this all I use is DT/DB, CP, MC, M5/0, and indicator crosses. THATS ALL. everything else to me is not as important for now. Gradually as I get better, I will reintroduce the other things we have learned.
    10. You will have more days of wanting to give up then to continue. But just remember you can always quit and work a regular job for 8 hours, with a boss, with people you do not want to work with, and only make small amounts of money. Whereas with trading you work 1-2 hours, and you make 5-10x's what you'd make for 8 hours and without a boss or coworkers. So, keep your head up and never give up. This is just like a 4-year university.
    Last Lesson Summary
    The year went by SOO fast, and I cannot believe it is now over. Kim was nice to grant all my wishes on my last class. He thought me the Rainbow Volume Chart, Double MACD and the Heikin-Ashi. Of course, all of these will require practice. I have learned so much if I someone was to ask me was paying Kim for education worth it? 100% yes. I am lucky to have found Kim as I don't know whereas any of these things, he is teaching us can be found. Going forward, I plan to stay with the group, and put in countless hours until I become that professional and consistent trader. Thank you again Kim and to everyone that is helping me with my journey.
    Jacob Gago, Los Angeles, CA
    Hello, my name is Tyson Truong; I am a 19-year-old full-time college student.
    When I began my millionaire mentoring back in December of 2020, I barely knew a thing when it came to day-trading. In my 6 months of Millionaire Mentoring with Master Kim, I have learned many valuable and useful strategies that have helped me to become an upcoming, well-rounded, and profitable day-trader. Master Kim shows a lot of dedication and cares for his students, and to be truly successful, you must adhere to what he teaches and reciprocate that dedication. Everyone knows the risks involved in day-trading, but with proper guidance and commitment to the craft, becoming a profitable and successful day-trader is possible. In our group, I am surrounded by many people from all walks of life and have many successes and accolades from their respective fields. So being a young full-time college student can sometimes make it seem intimidating. However, the community is comprised of individuals who only wish one thing for each other, success. Everyone works together and acts as a friendly and powerful support system. I am continually learning and cannot wait to see the moment in which all my hard work will be evidently worth it.
    Tyson Truong, Houston, TX 
    Just wanted to say that M-Trading Academy’s Options Millionaire Mentor program is so awesome, and I absolutely love the strategy and customized setup from my mentor, Master Kim. I already know options and with his mentor, it is only a matter of time before I am financially free and can do my trading full time on a part time basis. I have begun studying in earnest. His method is absolutely powerful! I am learning to simply focus on seeing my portfolio inch upward, without becoming overly stressed on when closing out the trades. I am getting more at ease with the method and have begun trading my favorite stocks with amazing success. If I could add 10 stars to his method, I would. No fluff, no gimmicks, no marketing hype. Just a system that works and a clear strategy. On top of that, Master Kim has his own Facebook's page where all his students post their daily charts and everyone can share their learning and experiences and getting feedbacks, support. All of this reinforces that my decision to join the program was the right one. This is the second Millionaire Mentoring program besides the Millionaire Mentoring Futures one that I decided to invest in M-Trading Academy, and I am very satisfied. Master Kim, you are ABSOLUTELY right, and I have learned this from experience, that a trader MUST invest in his/her education to the right place to be successful. First class program and service. I want to take the opportunity to express my great satisfaction to be part of M-Trading Academy, thank you Master Kim for your dedication and continuing support. You are just simply the Best!!!
    Lien Tran, Dallas, TX
    Learn to trade the financial markets and you will secure financial freedom for yourself and your family. Learn to follow Kim’s guidance and you will learn to trade the markets. I asked one of his most successful students how did he make it look so easy and his reply was, “I follow Kim’s advice 1000 % of the time.” I have known Kim for most of his adult life and have watched him climb from homelessness to financial freedom. He knows the level of commitment and work that it will take for you to achieve your financial goals. He will give you a road map to financial success and will guide you along the journey. It will be up to you however, to put in the hours of work and discipline needed to succeed.
    Once I started following Kim’s rules more strictly in my own trading, I became a more confident trader Whereas before, I could have been called a breakeven trader. Not losing a lot of money but not making a lot either. I now leave the market consistently profitable each day that I trade.
    Practice and obedience to the rules are almost a guaranteed formula for success. Work hard – follow Master Kim’s rules 1000% of the time and you will enjoy that same level of success in your own trading.

    William Wyndham
    Moncks Corner, SC
    I have learned about Master Kim and his unique Millionaire Mentoring program from some of my friends. At first, I was hesitated because of his so impressive daily results, over 100 points. I have never seen anyone in my life scoring so many points when trading ES MINI futures. However, after having some roller coaster results with my own trading, I have decided to take a chance with him. This turns out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made so far in my life. Master Kim is so knowledgeable and has so many strategies and trading secrets that we all would love to learn from him. Unlike other mentors, he also cares so much for his students and always wants them to be successful. His strategies are all rules based, simple but very powerful and they work for all markets: bull, bear or sideways market. I myself have improved a lot and got more consistent results after I listen to whatever he teaches me. If you want to be successful, you have to listen and trust him 100%. You have to show your commitments. I would highly recommend everyone to take his Millionaire Mentoring Program, if you truly want to be a millionaire. Master Kim is the best!!

    Hai Nguyen, San Jose, California
    I want to thanks Master Kim Mangalindan! He has been an exceptional Mentor to me. The mentoring program is a great success. In a world where seemingly every piece of information can be Googled, there is still some knowledge that can only be gained through experience. Kim is a very knowledgeable, experienced, intelligent, patient and helpful Mentor. He is kind and willing to share how own experiences and wisdom. While listening closely, he motivates, directs and pushes me forward and helps me with every step of the way to my big success in trading. Kim Mangalindan recently added Options trading to his mentoring programs. His students having a huge success in this program just after a few session with Kim. Looking forward for my interesting trading journey side by side with my Mentor Kim Mangalindan!
    I am learning a lot from my Mentor and we are building a great relationship!
    Liliya P.
    I have had many mentors in my trading career, however Kim is the first one who can walk the walk and talk the talk. Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned trader, you will profit to learn from Kim’s mentoring; after all, even Tiger Woods had a coach. Kim is one who has tough love for his students and is passionate about seeing them succeed. His strategies are simple yet effective. Once you learn the strategies, you can apply the method to any of your favorite instruments whether it is futures, stocks, or options.
    Signing up for Millionaire Mentoring is by far one of the best things I have done in my trading career. With exact entry and exit rules, Kim's strategies are simple yet effective and can be implemented by anyone who chooses to hone their trading skills. He is a very passionate mentor that wishes to see me achieve success and has not yet let me down. His Golden Nugget GPS is a program you can take advantage of with pretty accurate directions to the market. Can't thank Master Kim enough for what he brings to the table in experience and knowledge.
    KJ Vang, (St. Paul, MN)
    Today's thoughts and deeds are the seeds that create tomorrow's harvest. -Jill Koenig 
    There are no words that could describe the profound changes that Master Kim Mangalindan had on my personal and financial life. Master Kim Mangalindan is the mentor of mentors, a real diamond among the countless, self-indulgent mentors that look towards benefiting themselves. Master Kim Mangalindan is a man of action and respect; he is highly favored as one of the world's top traders. To have a moment of his time is life-changing, in my opinion. His Millionaire Mentorship is the catalyst that pushed me from a 9 to 5 job into true financial freedom. This man takes his precious time to teach his students the groundbreaking, highly specialized strategies the top traders in the world use. These strategies are top tier, given by word of mouth alone, never before seen in any mainstream media or trading manuals. Master Kim Mangalindan isn't a man that likes to waste his time; he'll provide the rules and plans of action for you to follow. A word of advice, don't waste his time; his Millionaire Mentorship program is only for serious individuals who wish to change their lives.
    “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”
    If you show that you're trying and putting in the effort, Master Kim Mangalindan would provide you with support and feedback. Not only does Master Kim Mangalindan offer you with these highly advanced strategies, he also provides his students with his daily dose of Diamond Golden Nugget GPS. The GPS system provides the students with pinpoint accurate ES mini-price actions during the live market. If you desire to change your life, change your future, join Master Kim's Millionaire Mentorship program.

    Robin Abraham, from Houston, Texas
    I've had the pleasure of being a part of the Millionaire Mentoring for a couple months now and all I can say is that is LIFE CHANGING. Let me preface this review by saying that I come from a healthcare background and have very little trading experience. When I looked at other trading and mentoring programs, Master Kim stood out in a significant way. Not only does he talk the talk, he also walks the walk. He shares his own actual trades with his student’s every day! Collected from over 30 years of trading experience, Master Kim has a vast array of techniques and strategies for successfully trading. He is able to pinpoint every student's strengths and weaknesses and tailor the program for them individually. After being with Master Kim for only a few months, I feel that I have much more confidence in trading in a live market scenario.
    Another advantage to Master Kim's program is the daily Diamond Golden Nugget. It is like a GPS that provides direction and pivot points to look out for when maneuvering in and out of trades. This alone is worth the monthly membership.
    I used to think that I would be stuck in healthcare until I retire at old age but to be honest, Master Kim has given me a different goal. I have personally seen some of his students retire already. They are able to trade for no more than a couple hours each day and then spend the rest of the time with family. To me, this is more valuable than any demanding career.
    Thank you, Master Kim, for opening my eyes and offering me hope and a path to financial freedom.

    Dr. Khoi Nguyen, DMD, from Los Angeles, CA
    ★★★★★ Star Student of Master Kim Interview
    II have to say Master Kim is a real deal Mentor. If you want to trade, first things first: learn how to trade ..
    I have been with his Millionaire Mentoring course for over two months and had learned around 10 powerful trading techniques with all kind of beautiful names such as THREE AMIGOS / GOLDEN CROSSES / POOPY DIAPER / WAITING FOR THE BUS / FOX TRAPPING / TRIPLE -X with these trading techniques can help me be able to effortlessly confirm and ENTER trades with confidence and EXIT trades with maximum profits.
    Especially Kim's DIAMOND GOLDEN NUGGET GPS call out at least 3 days a week in details for entry & exit points. I love this because it's an extra insurance for me when I taking trade under his UMBRELLA without get sweat. I've made a lot of money just the Diamond Golden Nugget GPS alone during last two months and counting more....
    I feel like I have all the tools that I need to be profitable trading every day. NOW!
    I recommend you just follow his strict rules 100% and practice as much as you can whenever or wherever then your hard works will smile at you.
    I always remember from Kim's advice "Keep your trading plan simple. Just look at 3-4 indicators. More numbers equals more complications. Trading is years of hard work, learning, and discipline."
    The month of August 2020, I have reach over $100,000 per month, after only learning to trades for two months of Millionaire mentoring with Mr. Kim Mangalindan, I highly encouraged everyone to take advantage of Millionaire mentoring once a spot is available. Mr. Kim Mangalindan only takes very few students. The individual have to be committed to a 12 months contract agreement. This is a contract agreement, if you cannot afford it. Please do not sign up, and waste master Kim Mangalindan time.
    Disclaimer: Past performance does not guarantee futures performance result:

    Henry Ha, from Henry Ha, from South Houston, Texas
    I say this kindly, “You must be crazy if you don't join!” I'm lucky and grateful that I caught Master Kim. I'm only a month in and I can't believe how much I’ve learned and how much bad habits I've had to unlearn. Two things I like about Master Kim are (1) he isn’t going to teach you things you can easily find on YouTube and (2) Kim isn’t going to baby you. It’s either you want it or not. If you do congrats, you’re on your way to financial freedom, otherwise, there are dreading jobs out there waiting for you. Now when I practice, I walk away with points (money) that is worth more than someone’s monthly income in a week. I can’t wait to make someone’s yearly income in a month. Best investment I made. Thank you, Master Kim.

    Yakubu Jacob Gago, from Los Angeles, California
    I have always been interested in investing in stocks and trading. Have Win some but lose more most of the time. Since I don't have a good understanding of how to read the market (charts) and the trading knowledge, I generally chase in the market to catch the last ride which most cases blows-up the account. I have done that many times.
    Also spent lots of money for the mentorships, but no one really proved working.
    Until I met Kim through the FB group called Freedom Challenge / Ferrari Trading Group.
    In the beginning, because of so many negative experiences, I wasn't really a believer of Kim's day trading rules, rather observing the postings for a while to check out whether Kim is a real scam or not.
    As I read the daily postings and see the results, many of Kim's students were succeeding with Kim's rules. Interesting enough, following with the rules, I began to win points but wasn't consistent, until I had one on one 2 hour mentorship with Kim.
    Kim fixed all the bad habits I've been using, but told me to only focus on the very basic rules.
    I am more consistent and so regretful that I didn't call him sooner.
    Kim is not a scam but a very honest humble true heart trading mentor master I ever met. I am a true believer of Kim and highly recommend Kim's millionaire mentorship.
    Jin Chai
    San Leandro, CA
    It has been a true reward to be mentored under Master Kim’s Millionaire Mentorship program. M-trading academy helps me learn to trade correctly. In the past I thought I knew enough to be a profitable trader, until my strategy stopped working. Master Kim is known to have various strategies that will assist any one to be successful in any market, as long as they follow his rules and put in the work. I am beyond grateful to have my friend West Coast Doc recommends Master Kim to me. Can’t thank these guys enough. I have went from struggling to make 1 point of profit ($50), to making 10 points($500) a single trade in my first month of trading in the Millionaire Mentorship program. I have taken many classes before and have invested so much time and money to learn to trade correctly. I can honestly say, for anyone who is interested in becoming a successful trader, this is the program for you!
    Roman De La Torre, from Los Angeles, CA 
    I have been learning to trade the financial markets for a few years now. Over this time, I spent thousands of dollars on various programs and trading styles. All of my time and effort reaped me neutral results.
    A month ago a friend of mine, was in Kim's Millionaire Mentoring class, highly recommend that I join and learn the right way. That is exactly what I did.
    This past month has been revolutionary. Kim's philosophy and trading style is easy to learn and scalable to all financial markets. I've never seen anything so simply yet powerful. I now know how to see the markets correctly, when to enter and exit a trade properly and how to win far more trades than I lose.
    Kim's mentoring has revolutionized my financial life. Kim has imparted hope, confidence, and trading discipline. His hand on approach is custom to each of his students. This isn't some cookie-cutter course; he teaches and trains you specifically. He identifies your weaknesses and turns them into strengths.
    Without a doubt, teaming up with Kim Mangalindan and the M-Trading Academy family has been the best financial decision of my life. I encourage you to do the same.

    Wes Foster, Crosby, Texas
    "The conductor of an orchestra doesn't make a sound. He depends, for his power, on his ability to make other people powerful." -Benjamin Zander
    Learning from a great mentor or trading coach is one of the best investments you can make for your long term success. Joining Millionaire Mentoring is my best decision and right investment. Mr. Kim Mangalindan had been mentoring me from when I know nothing about trading and computer to a comfortable trader. Before I joined his mentoring I think trading is gambling but after I got lessons from Mr. Kim I understand that trading is an investment for your long term success. Mr. Kim taught me how to write and keep my trading journal. He is also given out his rules to me to follow:
    Rules #1: Do not be GREEDY
    Rules #2: Do not be GREEDY
    Rules #3: If you are greedy, please look at rules #1 and #2
    Mr. Kim’s, give you specific strategies like “Do Not Chase the Chicken”
           One- on -One mentoring with Mr. Kim is priceless and his 30 years’ experience of trading all financial market, is make me feel comfortable of trading. I’m still learning every day from Mr. Kim just because he loves to help and share his trading experience with his students and always be there to correct yours mistakes. His strategies are super easy to follow, just listen to him and follow his rules you will be successful in trading. His trading mentoring programs help transfer knowledge from the experienced traders those who are just beginning. You get to see the way he interpret market movement and how he play the game.
      Thanks Mr. Kim Mangalindan for being my Mentor.
    Vivian Phung, from Manteca, California
    “Kim Mangalindan is a scam; no way can someone achieve such a high winning rate and more importantly consistency profit day in and day out.” The above is my thought when I first got to know Kim but he quickly proved me wrong. I joined many trading groups, attended many classes, watched countless videos from other traders but my trading result was mediocre. They usually showed you a big profit but once you join the program they only teach you the basic stuff and no one ever really goes into the trade set up that can make you money.(Because they want to keep it secret for themselves.) What Kim taught is not something you will learn from any other source. You don’t need all the fancyindicators to tell you where and when to take the trade. All you need is discipline and commitment. I started to admire Kim because he goes straight to the point and no BS. I was amazed at the level of the effectiveness of his trade. He is very knowledgeable and also an exceptional mentor. He will evaluate your current knowledge about trading and recommend changes. Depending on your journey in trading, he will teach you different strategies from simple to more complicated with a high level of effectiveness.I I am currently sitting at a 70% win rate just simply by applying his technique and more importantly Ilearn the key to become a consistent trader.I am on a journey to increase my trade probability and hopefully get to the level of some of the traders in the group. Knowing to trade is one thing, but being able to duplicate that skillset on another is a
    whole new level.

    Best Regards,
    Phuc Nguyen, San Jose, CA
    I have been very fortunate to start my trading journey with Kim. Kim is one of the exceptionally successful traders and extraordinary mentors I have known. Learning trading from Kim is one of the best decisions I've made. I was able to shorten the trial and error period while learning proven trading strategies from someone who is printing money on regular basis.
    Kim is great mentor who will push you to grow to the next level. He is a great example of a person who works unbelievably hard with a focus on self-improvement in order to join the ranks of the world's greatest. To this day, he still puts in countless hours in back-testing, learning and honing his skills,. I do not think that I could have found a better role model to show me the path to becoming a great trader.
    Last year, Kim put out the Millionaire Mentoring program with a mission to teach as many people as possible to trade and pursue financial freedom. The Millionaire Mentoring program is not cheap, but is worth every dollar. It is not for everyone, but for those who are truly committed to being successful and disciplined. He simplifies trading strategies to resonate with those who have very little trading experience and those who, like myself, are prone to over analyze things. Kim's teaching method has transformed my trading performance and helped reprogram my trading psychology. With every session, he has helped refine my trading skills and take my trading ability to the next level. If you want to learn ES Mini trading, Kim is the person whom I recommend to take you through this journey.

    Tammy Cusanno, Boston, MA
    I have been trading off and on for the past 2 years and I have been through all the alert groups, YouTube tutorials, and anything I can find to help me on my trading journey only to end up break even or losing my money. Since I met Kim, he has shown me a different way to look at the market, given me tools that help me understand and gain the confidence that I need in order to feel like I am making the right decisions when placing my trades. All you have to do is stick to the rules. Because of what I have been shown, I am excited to get into the markets every day and on days the market isn't open, I still practice so I can learn even more and become even more confident.

    Ken McClure
    San Diego, CA
    I became re-acquainted with Kim Mangalindan just over a month ago. We met 3 years ago and had kind of lost touch with one another. When Kim reached out to me, it came at the perfect time. Once I took a good look at what he was offering through his training, deciding to join Millionaire Mentoring was a "no brainer". Kim's sincerity in explaining to me that I could replace my income with trading through his mentorship and my hard work convinced me to go ALL IN. Within the first two calls (first was the 2 hour, 1:1 Coaching) I am able to see clearly how I will soon be making more in one day than I would normally have made in a month!
    Kim's 30+ years of experience combined with his simple, straight forward style of teaching make becoming a consistently successful trader a reality for anyone who is willing to make the commitment. Thank you Kim for offering such a great training and being willing to share your knowledge and wisdom with me. This is changing my life and making my dreams come true!
    I just completed my first Millionaire Mentoring call with the Master Kim Mangalindan. Wow! The information and details he shared with me was amazing! I know without a doubt that using his systems and teachings that I will be killing it in the markets VERY SOON. If you having made the commitment to join Millionaire Mentoring you are missing out on what it takes to be a truly successful trader! Thank you Kim Mangalindan for your patience and parting of your 30+ years of market experience and wisdom! You want to be big $$$ in trading? Contact Kim Mangalindan NOW!!! Don't wait another day, or even another minute. DO IT NOW, you won’t regret it!!

    Laurence Meth
    Cedar Hills, UT
    Kim’s mentorship and education has completely changed my life.
    I’m an ER trauma surgeon and have spent many night shifts trying to put people back together. I was looking to retire and decided that I could try my hand in day trading to see if I could supplement my income and work less at the hospital. I joined another trading group/program back in end of November 2019. I struggled over the next three months trying to absorb the information and practice trading the best that I could. The biggest issue with the program was that hardly any of its members posted trades or set ups that would benefit newbie traders like me. Most of the posts were people bragging about how much money they made but no real trades examples. The instructor had great information and is very likeable. But he too did no post any trade details or specifics. I decided that I would be different and post my trades and setups so that I could help other new traders that struggled like me. This is where Kim took notice and reached out to me. After spending just a few sessions with Kim, my trading took off to another level! I am so happy now that I am trading confidently and consistently. It took a lot of work and with Kim’s support I was able to be where I am today. I have now retired from medicine entirely to spend time with my family. I now trade most days and make more money in a month than most doctors make in a year! Thank you, Kim! You have done provided me with something so valuable and precious that has revolutionized my way of life. I am indebted to you and wish you all the happiness. If you are lucky enough to be accepted as Kim’s student, congratulations to you! You have just received the best financial gift you could ever have. I know you will be blessed and good luck to you!

    Konnor Nguyen, MD.
    From Los Angeles, CA
    When I first signed up with Kims Millionaire Mentoring program little did I know that he is not only interested in teaching you to trade the markets, he focuses heavily on the mental aspects as well. Being new to trading this was also all new for me. He always knows if you are not focused or if you are stressed or worried just by looking at your trades and ,corrects it and even puts you on demo until you are ready again. each student is different and each gets a tailored trading class. For me its essential that he is strict in his teachings, he lets you hear it if you mess up and doesnt take failure as an option. His strategies are simple to follow but rules must be followed 110% and you must put in many hours of practice, its not a get rich quick way or an easy profession by no means and having a mentor who is a master trader, a kind hearted human being and a friend is very rare these days.
    Thank you My friend
    Stefan Mar Autrey, from Iceland
    I have been trading in the Stock markets off and on for over 15 years. Had great success as a spread trader in my early years until I allowed other things to pull my focus away from it. I tried to re-enter the markets a year or two ago and struggled to find the right methods for me. I needed something that was going to fit my current mind set and struggled with a few different companies. Since I have found Kim Mangalindan his knowledge of the futures and different strategies to fit each individual’s personality and trading style is a huge asset. His style of teaching is straight forward with no fluff and no nonsense. He is hands on and wants to see what I am actually doing. Exactly what I need. I see a light at the end of the tunnel if I can stay on task and follow the rules that he is teaching. My success is on me now with his tools. Thanks for your knowledge and patience, Kim!

    Doug G.
    San Antonio,TX
    Kim Mangalindan is by far the most impressive trader I've have had the privilege of meeting. I initially met Kim through his nephew, who at the time was learning himself to trade the ES-Mini and through his results, motivated and inspired me to reach out to Kim to learn how to trade as well. I never thought that I would meet an elite trader of Kim's caliber with over 30 years of trading experience that is capable of consistently trading all markets and produce unbelievable results; equivalent to that of a high end home on a daily basis.
    Seeing the potential from Kim's personal trading motivated me to discipline myself, practice on a daily basis and follow the rules associated with his unique strategies, so I too can make those confident trades. You get what you put into it! Trading is a craft that must be practiced on a daily basis to understand the movements and to make the calculated entries/exits. Follow Kim's rules along with lots of practice and you will become a consistent trader.

    Steven Shearrill
    Temecula, CA
    If you are looking to jumpstart your trading career may it be full-time or part-time,or if you want to harness your current trading skill, you find the perfect mentor.Master Kim’s extraordinary mastery of trading is an accumulation of his 30+ years of research, practice and experience. Such mastery is proven by his own trading results shared to his students daily in a private FB group. It’s mind blowing to see the 6 figures gain flashing on the screen just so ordinary everyday and at times, running into millions, and with the fact that these are real money not simulation.
    One thing I learned from him that truly revolutionized my trading is his open secret of hard work, patience & determination. He always emphasizes the need to spend real quality time in study & practice as if you desperately need to succeed. During this COVID-19 lockdown period of staying in the house, I followed his advice to spend longer time studying & practicing, spending 12 hours a day at times while adopting his shared winning technical strategies. Consequently, I was able to figure out my lapses & sharpened my winning consistency into a much higher level. I’ve proven as what he pointed out that one needs to have a certain level of mastery in order to succeed, otherwise if your level of knowledge & skill is just haphazard, you will be eaten alive by professional traders out there competing for you in the
    With his remarkable level of mastery, he deserves to have an honorary doctorate degree or be inducted in the hall of fame in trading if there is one. The fact that he came from humble beginnings, his “rugs-to-riches” and “hard-work-to-glory” story provides bright hope for any ordinary aspiring trader. What a great man and mentor
    he is and it’s a great privilege for students to be under his care.

    Edward Pormilos, Fremont, CA
    Kim and I were introduced in 2008. Over the years, Kim and I have enjoyed professional dealings, as well as, a strong friendship. Several years ago, I sought a path towards financial independence and engaged Kim to mentor me in futures trading. Over time, Kim has taught myself and numerous others the nuances of trading the futures market. It was apparent, during my mentoring sessions, that Kim was very knowledgeable in all facets necessary to successfully trade the futures market. Kim optimized a strategy for me based on my personality, habits and with what he thought best for me to be successful. He requires that one understands strategies and confidently executes them before teaching the next. Kim truly cares about his clients and genuinely wants to see them successful. He'll be honest and strict with you when it comes to following "The 10 Rules"!
    I recommend Kim Mangalindan without any reservation to those desiring to succeed in futures trading.

    Scott Durein
    from Salt lake city, UT
    I met Kim last summer for an initial introduction and trading session. We had an instant connection. We spent 4 hours together discussing, trading, wants, needs and general personal life experiences.
    I have subsequently attended Kim's seminars, presentations and workshops. I also signed up for his one on one personal year long mentoring program. I couldn't have asked for a better mentor and friend. He has guided me through the trading process and has always been there when I needed him. He is firm but fair, strict in his rules and his practicing regiment. If you really want to enter the trading arena or you are already trading, picking a mentor that can guide you to success is the key. Kim brings over 30 years of experience to his mentoring program. I have learned so much about trading, myself and I have been more than excited to be traveling down this path of financial freedom with Kim guiding the way. Thanks Kim for taking the time to be there as a mentor and a friend.

    Jim Michaels
    Business Owner
    Phoenix, AZ
    There is a saying that goes “THIRD time is a charm” well in my case NOT TRUE! Because I had THREE
    prior mentors attempting to teach me how to trade. So you can imagine how UNHAPPY I was to hear
    about trading when Kim Mangalindan, told me about his unique trading system.
    Thank you Master Kim for convincing me to follow your trading system, because I had given up on
    myself and when you told me you designed it to teach your four year old son I thought.... well maybe
    there is a chance for ME!
    If you’re looking at this trading system please give yourself the GIFT of learning It from THE MAN!
    Kim truly CARES about your success! Mr. Kim is reachable and will take you by the hand to show you
    how it’s done. Not like some other “mentors” or gurus out there, and want you to pay up to $5000 for
    video training where you go google and get it for FREE on YouTube!
    Thank you Mr. Kim Mangalindan, for ALL of your help in making me a successful trader.

    Kevin DynOmight Cundiff, from Fort Lauderdale, Florida
    “Mr. Kim's training sessions and mentoring have been priceless. I do not have a background in any type of trading so this is all brand new to me. I'm a Physician and spend a lot of time at the office so I wanted to find a better way to leverage money rather than just keeping it in mutual funds or 401K. I decided to sign up for Mr. Kim's Millionaire Mentoring course because I could see the success of all his past students in his FB group. They weren't putting in a ton of hours at the office rather just trading a few hours every morning. I thought to myself, I can do that. I can trade for a few hours and then go to the practice. In just a couple of months, Mr. Kim has taught me multiple techniques that have been working amazingly. He takes the time to explain things to me knowing that I'm a complete newbie at all this and answers all my questions along the way. The past 3 weeks I've been averaging $500/day profit using his strategies. Excited to see where this goes!! Thanks Mr. Kim for teaching me these new skills!!"

     Dr. Omid Sehat, From Baton Rouge, Louisiana
    Firstly, I want to express that I am so grateful that our paths crossed. I’ve been trying to learn about stocks for over a year now from other forms of education such as free YouTube videos and some paid services. I initially was part of Mr. Kim's free Facebook group from which other traders shared and discussed their trading ideas. Then I decided to join his $297/month program when it came available, which is fantastic for the price of subscription! I learned so much from the short time that I joined the Freedom Challenge ($297/month) group all the other individuals who have joined and while there I gleaned a lot also from his Millionaire Mentoring (MM) students. While I did learn a lot from other sources of education, it wasn’t as intense from this encouraging bunch of people in the Freedom Challenge group and from Mr. Kim himself! I started to notice more and more about his MM program, but I was on the fence about it. I had expressed interest in the program to Mr. Kim and he was so genuine about how he would love to have me on as a student, but the program was full at the time. One day, two spots opened up due to students completing their 12-month program and luckily I happened to see it and contacted Mr. Kim. While talking to Mr. Kim, he shared what the program is about and he also got one of his TOP students (Westcoast Doc, which I have noticed his great success from the FB group) on the phone to share his personal testimony about the program and encouraged me if I was on the fence, that I should do it now and I wouldn’t be disappointed. His student also did mention that my education/trading for would be taken to the NEXT LEVEL and that got me really excited! After all the talk, I jumped on board and I’m very glad I did (because word on the street is that he will not be taking anymore new MM students after the end of the year). I knew that this program isn’t like any other program and I knew that it would take great discipline to be among the successful students in the program. I am determined to change my future forever with this great opportunity! One of my goals is to be able to do this full-time and transition out of my current job and I know that with hard work, discipline, and mentoring from Master Kim, I can see it happening in the near future. Since joining his MM program, I have completed one session and it was a HUGE first session as he shared so much with me and have given me glimpse of what is in stored for me in future sessions. He outlines what he wants you to do and outlines how much you need to put in in order to benefit from the program. He stressed the importance of following his MM plan that he has set in place for you. He wants you to listen to him and his training His priority, when you are in his MM program, is you! He wants you to SUCCEED and to WIN BIG in life. I look forward to each session and I look forward to practicing and applying what he has taught. His style of teaching is great. He teaches you what to look for when using a certain strategy. He helps out with any issues that you may have and help you fix it. His simple request is for you to follow the rules and put in the work. If you do this, he will get you there where you need to be. Master Kim is very encouraging and shares positive thinking for everyone in the group. He does not like negativity and won't allow it. At the time of this writing, I know that he doesn’t have any spots open for his MM program, but if/when those spots come up, I HIGHLY suggest you reach out to Mr. Kim and talk to him and see if it is the right fit for you. If you’re on the fence, my suggestion is don’t hesitate and just do it because this kind of opportunity usually knocks ONCE in your life.
    Again, I'm very grateful for the opportunity.

    Dr. Chuong Le, from Weatherford, OK, United States
    Kim Mangalidnan is a unique mentor. Before signing up with Millionaires Mentorship program I enrolled with two other Trading Educational Programs, One cost me over $6000 and it’s worthless, where you can get the information’s for free online. Comparing them with Kim's one on one mentorship is like Night and Day. What I am currently learning and applying from Kim's program is definitely setting me up for success. He is literally spending time with me one on one and watch me how I trade and guide me through the process. There are many Golden Nuggets that he gives to his students to help them out in their Trading. Joining Millionaires Mentorship program is one of the best decisions that I ever made. Once I mastered the strategies that I am learning and apply them, and then I do not have to worry about my future retirement. Thank you Master Kim for your passion and dedication to ensure that your students succeed. You're the best. I highly recommend Millionaires Mentorship to those who desire to learn about Day Trading.

    Teddy Nario, from Carson City, CA
    I have always wanted to learn how to day trade and when I finally made the commitment, I started out in a different trading program and paid about $6,000. It taught me some of the basic principles of technical trading however, after practicing more than 5 hours a day for three months; I was still only entering about 20% successful trades on simulation. I was frustrated because I didn’t get the detailed information that I was looking for such as when exactly to enter and exit trades and I blamed myself for just not getting it. Then I was introduced to Master Kim’s Millionaire Mentoring program, which completely changed everything. He is very hands on, keeping me and every one of his students accountable. We post our trades to a Facebook group and he finds the time to review each one and make comments when corrections are needed. The students also contribute to each other’s posts and we all support each other though the learning process. We get regular videos that show actual live trades which are a priceless learning tool. Then there are the 2 hour 1:1 coaching sessions twice a month and the “golden nugget” trading tips that Master Kim provides almost every day. You just don’t get this kind of training anywhere else! This level of support is exactly what I needed to become a more confident trader. Master Kim is very caring and wants all of his students to be Millionaires by the end of the training. With his level of commitment to us, I have no doubt this is an achievable goal. Although I am still one of the newer students, I have gone from 20% to 60% success rate in just one month, all thanks to Master Kim. I am so excited to see what this year will bring!!

    Reina Pharness. From Canada
    “Follow the rules. And you truly get out what you put in. No questions.
    It's natural to be skeptical about anything you read or buy on the internet. I've bought fitness and real estate programs before, and they ended up being terrible, designed for someone way different than me. I've bought other trading programs that stop short of showing you how to execute a trade. By a stroke of luck, I stumbled on to being introduced and connecting with Kim Mangalindan of the MTrading Academy website and Westcoastdoc - who are master traders. After we connected then reading the details and watched their videos, I felt that they knew how to teach and execute their daily trading strategy. And I wanted to learn all of it. Why? - For financial freedom from the hustle and bustle fo the software industry. To gain financial freedom, to get the flexibility of being at home with my two sons, as well as to make daily income by working 2 hrs. a day and travel with my family. Life is too short. I signed up with MTrading's Millionaire Mentoring (MM) program, and after the first session, I was even more excited about the trading strategy that I learned and practice. I will not bend the truth - trading is hard work. Our MM sessions are every two weeks, but they could not come soon enough. Sometimes my husband and I practice together, and that allows us to spend time together, communicating more... without iPhones or tablets. Signing with Millionaire Mentoring is the best decision we made for our family and life."

    Hieu Nguyen, from San Jose, CA
    I recently signed up for a one on one mentoring session with Kim Mangalindan and have been a part of his Freedom Challenge group since its inception. I can honestly say it was the best decision I've made in my short trading career. Just from that 2 hour session, I could see the financial freedom that Kim speaks about a lot more clearly. I've taken other trading courses with other companies and I can honestly say that working with Kim and joining his Freedom Challenge group was exactly what I needed. Other programs preach the understanding of concepts. Kim teaches concepts while also focusing strongly on implementation. With live mentoring from Kim and trading videos from Kim and his top students, there is no better training program out there.

    As a sports fan, I'll explain it this way. You can watch all the youtube videos in the world on how to shoot a basketball (other courses). But nothing compares to having Steph Curry (Kim and his top students) watch you shoot and correct your form and work with you until you're successful.

    In our 2 hour session, Kim helped me right a lot of the wrongs that were holding me back. I look forward to continuing my training with him and eventually joining his Millionaire Mentoring program. Like I said before, after working with him for just 2 hours, I can already see the light. I would recommend Kim's mentoring program, his Freedom Challenge Group, MTrading Academy, and any other opportunity to learn profitable training from a true expert.

    -Steven Lieu
    New York, New York
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    Hypothetical performance results have many inherent limitations, some of which are described below. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those shown. In fact, there are frequently sharp differences between hypothetical performance results and the actual results subsequently achieved by any particular trading program. One of the limitations of hypothetical performance results is that they are generally prepared with the benefit of hindsight. In addition, hypothetical trading does not involve financial risk, and no hypothetical trading record can completely account for the impact of financial risk in actual trading. For example, the ability to withstand losses or to adhere to a particular trading program in spite of trading losses are material points which can also adversely affect actual trading results. There are numerous other factors related to the markets in general or to the implementation of any specific trading program which cannot be fully accounted for in the preparation of hypothetical performance results and all of which can adversely affect actual trading results.
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